Skiron and MicroScribe in use

Skiron scanner with Microscribe arm

The most compact solution with a Kreon scanner

The Kreon Skiron laser scanner interfaced on Microsribe G2 and MX arms is a compact, lightweight and easy to use solution for all 3D digitizing needs. The Scantools software is included in this package to combine non-contact digitization and hard-probing. Moreover, the system integration in the Kreon plug-in for Geomagic Control, Wrap and Design X meets all the requirements of demanding applications of inspection or reverse engineering.

Skiron and Microscribe benefits:

  • Easy set-up
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Accurate and long running
  • Robust

Technical specifications:

Skiron / MicroscribeKS75 / MXKS75 / MLXKS75 / G2XKS75 / G2LX
Working volume1.27 m1.67 m1.27 m1.67 m
Accuracy0.090 mm0.110 mm0.270 mm0.340 mm
Scanning speed45,000 pts/sec
All Kreon 3D laser scanners

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