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Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection is a process that aims to verify and measure the geometric and dimensional characteristics of an object or a part to ensure that they meet the required specifications. It is an essential step in quality control and ensuring the compliance of parts and assemblies with specific standards and requirements.

The main characteristics measured during dimensional inspection include linear dimensions, angles, tolerances, shapes, profiles, surface roughness, relative positions, deviations from specifications, etc. These measurements can be performed using traditional measuring instruments such as calipers, micrometers, comparators, gauges, profile projectors, or digital instruments such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), measuring arms, and 3D scanners.

Dimensional inspection with a measuring arm and a 3D scanner combines different techniques to obtain accurate and comprehensive measurements of parts or objects. Here are the main techniques implemented:

tactile measurement

The measuring arm is equipped with tactile probes that allow for direct contact measurement of dimensional characteristics with the part. Probes can be used to measure linear dimensions, angles, diameters, depths, etc. This technique is useful for flat or geometrical surfaces.

3D scanning

The 3D scanner mounted on the measuring arm captures three-dimensional point clouds of the surface of the part. This non-contact technique is particularly useful for complex geometries, curved surfaces, or parts with fine details. The 3D scanner emits a laser beam that is reflected by the surface of the part, and then the data is collected to reconstruct the 3D model.

CAD comparison

The data collected by the measuring arm and the 3D scanner can be compared to a reference Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model. This technique allows for verifying if the measured dimensions and shapes correspond to the specifications of the CAD model. Deviations can be visualized and analyzed to determine non-conformities and take corrective actions.

Tolerence analysis

The results of dimensional inspection can be used to perform tolerance analyses. The specified tolerances in the design plans are compared to the actual measurements to assess the quality of the part. This helps determine if the part is acceptable or if adjustments are necessary to comply with the specifications.

Inspection reports

The data collected during dimensional inspection can be used to generate detailed inspection reports. These reports provide comprehensive documentation of measurements, deviations from specifications, tolerance analyses, visual images, etc. They serve as evidence of compliance and traceability tools for product quality.
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The use of a measuring arm with a 3D scanner in dimensional inspection offers a powerful combination of tactile and non-contact measurement techniques, allowing for accurate, comprehensive, and reliable data on the dimensional characteristics of parts. This facilitates the detection of non-conformities, tolerance analysis, and decision-making to ensure the quality of manufactured products.

Why use a Kreon 3D scanner with a measuring arm for dimensional inspection?

One of our customers bought a measuring arm and use it for dimensional inspection. Discover how he is using it for dimensional inspection.

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3D inspection of a tube with Ace measuring arm with Skyline 3D scanner
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