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Innovation from the beginning

From the beginning, Kreon company has always aimed to replace traditional working methods with efficient 3D scanners. The pursuit of performance has always been a key factor in achieving this goal, and Kreon's 3D scanners quickly gained industry recognition, first in France and then internationally.

years of know-how



Creation of Kreon Industrie


Launch of the first industrial scanner, the CL, specially manufactured for PSA to control dashboards.


Kreon Industrie becomes Kreon Technologies


Launch of the Zephyr 3D scanner. This first success is at the origin of the Kreon Technologies' reputation for contactless sensors.


Launch of the Aquilon, the most precise and fastest Kreon scanner (5 µm – 1,000,000 pts/sec)


Kreon Technologies acquires Friulrobot, an Italian company specializing in the manufacture of robotic cells and measuring arms (Baces arms). Launch of the Solano scanner (30 µm – 40000 pts/sec)


Launch of the Zephyr II (15 µm – 250000 pts/sec), the second generation of Zephyr scanners


With the Zephyr II Blue (10 µm –250,000 pts/sec), Kreon is the first player on the market to offer a blue laser scanner, which is more efficient for scanning shiny and reflective parts.


Launch of the first 100% Kreon measuring arm, the Ace arm (6 and 7 axes)


After the Zephyr II, it is the turn of the Solano to be available in a blue laser version (Solano Blue = 25 µm /50000 pts/sec).


Launch of the Solano CMM


Launch of the Skyline scanner, the first Kreon scanner integrated into the Ace arm, the fastest and most accurate integrated scanner on the market (15 µm / 600,000 pts/sec).


Expansion of the Skyline scanner range with the creation of the three scanners Eyes, Wide and Open


Launch of the Zephyr III 3D scanner with a 150 mm laser line.


Variation of the Ace arm in a high precision version, the Ace+.
Expansion of the Zephyr III scanner range with the Zephyr III 50 (50mm laser line width)


Launch of the Zenith metrology software, dedicated to 3D measurement with Kreon arms.


Launch of the Onyx measuring arm. Expansion of the Zephyr III scanner range with the Zephyr III 300, offering an exceptional laser line width of 300 mm.


Expansion of the Skyline scanner range with the Skyline Xtra Wide, offering a laser line width of 300 mm for scanning on measuring arms.

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