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Maintenance and repair

Maintenance refers to the activities and procedures undertaken to preserve, repair, and improve equipment, infrastructure, and systems to maintain their optimal functioning. Its aim is to ensure the availability, reliability, and performance of equipment throughout its lifecycle.

The ultimate goal of maintenance is to ensure asset availability, optimize their lifespan, reduce operating costs, improve safety, and enhance performance. By implementing a suitable maintenance strategy, companies can maximize operational efficiency, minimize unplanned downtime, and extend the lifespan of their equipment.

At the core of these maintenance and repair processes, Kreon measuring arms with 3D scanners are essential in many aspects:

Dimensional inspection and verification

Kreon measuring arms allow for precise measurement and verification of the dimensions of parts and equipment. This ensures that spare parts or repaired components match the required specifications and can be safely used.

Defect and deformation analysis

Kreon measuring arms can detect defects, deformations, or damages on parts and equipment. They can capture detailed data on shape and geometry, facilitating problem analysis and identification of underlying causes.

Comparison with digital assemblies

Kreon 3D scanners can compare measured data with reference digital models (CAD models), allowing for the verification of repaired assemblies' compliance. This way, fine adjustments and complex assemblies are faithfully reproduced.

Wear and durability assessment

Kreon measuring arms and 3D scanners can be used to evaluate wear on critical parts and surfaces. They can detect signs of excessive wear, damage, or fatigue, enabling the planning of preventive maintenance activities and preventing unexpected failures.

Documentation and tracking

Data collected by Kreon measuring arms and 3D scanners can be used to create accurate documentation of equipment, including inspection reports, maintenance plans, and part histories. This facilitates performance tracking, repair traceability, and optimization of maintenance procedures.
Dimensional inspection
Data comparison
First article inspection
Zenith report

Why use a Kreon measuring arm with 3D scanner for industrial maintenance?

One of our customers bought a measuring arm for maintenance and repair. Take a look and see how he uses it!

Discover THE Case studY
Use of the Ace measuring arm for maintenance in the railway sector
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