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3D scanner

High performance 3D scanner for KREON measuring arm

Skyline 3D scanner on Onyx measuring arm

The laser line width and the speed of the Skyline 3D scanner enable to digitize any part in record time. Its high resolution detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. Being perfectly integrated with Kreon Ace and Onyx measuring arms, the Skyline 3D scanner is ergonomic, perfect for scanning effortlessly.

Skyline 3D scanner on Onyx measuring arm

high quality

3D scanning

With Kreon's blue laser 3D scanners, scanning parts is optimal regardless of their dimensions, appearance, or material. In fact, the mesh generated from the 3D scanning is dense and accurate, perfectly reflecting the real part. Kreon's 3D scanners generate ideal data for applications such as 3D measurement or reverse engineering.
Image for launching the Skyline 3D scanner video presentation
Image for launching the Skyline 3D scanner video presentation

High Speed

3D scanning of a car

High productivity scanning

  • Less scan passes with up to 300 mm laser line width*
  • Faster movement of the 3D scanner assured by the high frequency
  • Acquisition speed of 600,000 points/sec*, allowing to quickly get the dense point cloud.

High Resolution

High resolution scanning of a hand with visible fingerprints

Acquisition of the tiniest details

  • 2,000 points per laser line*
  • High resolution level of 25µm*

High Accuracy

3D scanning of a part to mesh to color mapping

Keep a high-quality level

  • Optimal accuracy up to 9µm, even on shiny reflective surfaces, due to blue laser fineness
  • Temperature compensation of the 3D scanner to avoid pre-heating and to maintain a constant accuracy

Performance and comfort are in the details

Skyline 3D scanner detailsSkyline 3D scanner Renishaw connectorSkyline 3D scanner led indicatorSkyline 3D scanner, keySkyline 3D scanner, blue laser lineSkyline 3D scanner probeSkyline 3D scanner, HD camera



Three Skyline 3D scanners to choose the configuration
best suited to the application needs


Skyline Eyes 3D scanner

The most accurate

Skyline Eyes 3D scanner is suitable for the most challenging parts and applications.

Graphic textEyes 3D scanner performance chart


Skyline Wide 3D scanner

The fastest

Skyline Wide 3D scanner is wide-awake to scan
large surfaces at high speed.

Graphic textWide 3D scanner performance chart

Skyline Xtra Wide scanner is a version with a 300 mm laser line width.


Skyline Open 3D scanner

The most affordable

Skyline Open 3D scanner is open to any kind
of project and application.

Graphic textOpen 3D scanner performance chart

Always the best measurement results

ISO logo
All Kreon 3D scanners are validated in accordance with THE ISO 10360-08 standard.

Faithful to their specifications, Kreon 3D scanners can easily be integrated into a rigorous quality approach.

Learn more about ISO 10360-08 testing.

Skyline specifications
SKYLINE specifications

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technical specifications

Skyline Eyes Skyline Wide Skyline Xtra Wide Skyline Open
Max scanning speed 600.000 pts/sec 600.000 pts/sec 600.000 pts/sec 200.000 pts/sec
Accuracy (2σ) 9 µm 15 µm 28 µm 15 µm
Max laser line width 100 mm 200 mm 300 mm 100 mm
Max frequency 300 Hz 300 Hz 300 Hz 200 Hz
Laser line color Blue Blue Blue Blue
Line resolution 25 µm 50 µm 60 µm 50 µm
Stand-off distance 90 mm 85 mm 100 mm 85 mm
Field of view 80 mm 110 mm 135 mm 110 mm
Led indicator Yes Yes Yes No
Temperature compensation Yes Yes Yes No