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Quality control

Quality control of manufactured parts refers to the set of measures and processes implemented to ensure that the produced parts meet quality standards and required specifications. Its goal is to ensure that manufactured parts are reliable, function properly, and comply with safety and performance requirements in the industry.

During the manufacturing process, here are different cases in which 3D inspection can be used for quality control:

Manufacturing process control

Machines and equipment used in manufacturing must be regularly checked and calibrated to ensure they are functioning properly and producing compliant parts. Tooling undergoes preventive maintenance to assess any assembly defects and wear.

First article inspections

At the beginning of a new production run, a control is generally performed on the first part to validate the conformity of the manufacturing process before mass production begins. It relies on precise dimensional inspections, including the use of GD&T system and CAD comparisons.

Inspection during production

During the manufacturing process, further checks are conducted on sample parts to ensure their conformity. Traditional visual inspection methods using templates have gradually given way to less cumbersome and more flexible digital methods. More or less automated, these methods allow for the generation of detailed reports and statistics for each batch produced.
3D inspection of a tube with Ace measuring arm with Skyline 3D scanner
Use of the Ace measuring arm on automotive plastic parts

What are the advantages of a Kreon 3D scanner for quality control?

What are the advantages of a Kreon measuring arm for quality control?

By using a 3D scanner and a measuring arm for quality control, it is possible to benefit from the speed and precision of the 3D scanner in capturing complex geometry, as well as the dimensional accuracy and flexibility of the measuring arm for precise measurements. This combination allows for a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of the parts and enables quick decision-making to ensure compliance with specifications.

One of our customers bought a measuring arm and use it for quality control. Take a look and see how he is using it for quality control!

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Using the Ace measuring arm on an airplane seat