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Design and R&D

In the context of an engineering and R&D office, the use of a Kreon 3D scanner accelerates the design processes, optimizes product performance, facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, and reduces time to market. It provides precise and detailed data that are essential for innovation and continuous product improvement.

The use of a Kreon 3D scanner is relevant, especially in R&D projects, in various contexts:

Geometric data acquisition

Kreon 3D scanners can be used to accurately capture the geometry of physical objects, such as prototypes, existing parts, or models, in great detail. This geometric data can serve as a basis for the design and development of new products.

Reverse engineering

Kreon 3D scanners enable reverse engineering by capturing the geometry of an existing part and creating a CAD model from this data. This can be useful in product development, modifications, or part reproduction.

Numerical simulation

The 3D data collected by a scanner can be used to create digital models for performance analysis, for example, using software that simulates material strength. These models can be used to predict product behavior and optimize their design.

Prototype evaluation

Kreon 3D scanners enable rapid evaluation of prototypes and concepts by capturing their geometry and comparing them to CAD models or initial specifications. Early detection of design or manufacturing issues is facilitated, allowing for quick adjustments and shortened development phases.
Numerical simulation
Reverse engineering of a car with surface modeling from mesh
Scanning an engine with Ace measuring arm
Prototype evaluation

Why use a measuring arm with Kreon 3D scanner for R&D projects?

One of our customers bought a measuring arm for design and R&D. Take a look and see how he uses it!

Discover the Case study
Using the Ace measuring arm in the design office
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