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Warranty plans

Keep peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected

Warranty background

Subscribing to a Kreon warranty plan ensures you always maximize your product's potential. Kreon warranty plans provide preventive maintenance to have confidence in your measurement data and maintain the quality control level.


warranty plan
warranty plan
  • Annual Preventive and Corrective maintenance

    - Complete check up with recalibration
    - System fully tested in Kreon factory
    - Free repair (wrong use excluded)
    - Free replacement of accessories
  • Annual certification with each calibration
  • Annual Plug-ins maintenance
  • Free hotline by phone, Skype and TeamViewer
  • Shipment costs return
  • Shipment costs, insurance included, taken in charge by Kreon Technologies at the Kreon Technologies' factory. Valid for annual calibration and in case of repair.
  • Loan system
  • In case of failure, cover all period of unavailability for repairing. During maintenance, cover all period of unavailability for revision.
  • Shipment costs round trip
  • Shipment costs way & back, insurance included, taken in charge by Kreon Technologies. Valid for the annual calibration, in case of repair and for the loans?


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