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Kreon systems help to train tomorrow's technicians and engineers, destined to work in services such as research and development, industrial processes management, and of course, the metrology departments.

For a high school or a university, investing in a Kreon measurement system primarily gives students the opportunity to learn about 3D data acquisition and metrology through practical applications.

Kreon's measuring arms and 3D scanners can be easily integrated into technical diploma courses for a few key reasons:


The versatility of the Kreon measuring arm, with its ability to take 3D measurements using both scanning and probing, makes it a universal inspection tool that can address various issues. Teachers can benefit from this range of possible applications to offer students exercises best suited to their specialty. It allows students to train on various practical cases and easily acquire essential skills, such as those related to quality control or reverse engineering.

Ease of use

Kreon's easy-to-use equipment will quickly allow students to perform complex exercises that go beyond the simple acquisition of 3D measurements. They will quickly understand the opportunities offered by these tools, particularly thanks to the power of the associated software.


Kreon's measuring arms and 3D scanners are compatible with the main application software of the market: Geomagic, Metrolog, Polyworks, Verisurf, Aberlink, etc. Kreon also proposes its own software, Zenith, for less complex applications.

A complete measurement tool

In certain technical courses, where projects involve the manufacturing of parts, the Kreon measuring arm can be used as a measuring tool to inspect parts and verify their geometric conformity.

Productivity in the company

Thanks to the use of a measuring arm during their studies, students start working in companies with skills they have already acquired. They become operational more quickly, which considerably increases productivity by eliminating the additional costs related to training.
Why integrate a Kreon 3D scanning measuring arm into the school curriculum?
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