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Metrology Software for Kreon measuring arms

Easily manage probing and scanning

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Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for acquisition and 3D measurement of industrial parts. It is simple to learn and seamlessly handles even the most complex 3D data: dense point clouds and color mapping. This is Zenith.


3D scanning with Zenith

Fast point cloud acquisition

  • Manage large point clouds without software slow-down.
  • Filter point clouds to reduce files weight.
  • Select and remove quickly unwanted point cloud zones.
3D scanning of 3D printed parts

CAD Comparison

Color mapping

A color mapping can be generated on the point cloud after aligning the scan to the CAD model with a Landmark and a Best-fit alignment.

Extraction from CAD

Extract geometrical entities from CAD and compare them to measured data from point cloud.

Perfect connection
with Kreon hardware

One-click connection with Kreon arms and scanners

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Fully compatible with all Kreon measuring arms and scanning arms

Zenith software features icons

Fast and reliable scanner positioning thanks to a step-by-step guided process

Zenith alignment feature icon

Geometric acquisition

  • Fast creation and calibration of probes
  • Acquisition of geometrical entities
  • Direct measurement of CAD entities by probing
  • Alignment by 3 geometrical entities or with “plane, line, point”
  • Possible exportation of measured entities in IGES format.
Man measuring part by probing with Ace arm and Zenith software

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Use the GD&T to define the acceptable deviation of feature geometry : form tolerances (flatness, cylindricity circularity), orientation tolerances (perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity), and position tolerances (coaxiality, position).

Sections with advanced functions


Create a section of the nominal and measured part and switch from 3D to 2D to extract nominal and measured entities, create distances and angles, and generate colormap.

Zenith metrology software report

Automatic report generation

  • 1 – Specify entities and properties visibility
  • 2 – Organize the tree view to define the report tables order
  • 3 – Generate the report and export it as PDF or CSV.

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