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Geven, renowned player in the circle of great leaders in the aircraft seating and manufacturing industry, enhances control and assembly phases by opting for Kreon Ace measuring arm with 3D laser scanner.

In its search for solutions to speed up controls, Geven turned to Kreon. The performance of the products and the skill of the Kreon technicians were decisive in this choice.

The Kreon Ace 7-axis 2.5m measuring arm with Skyline Wide scanner is used for the following applications:

  • Control of tools for plastic and composite parts
  • Inspection of the first injected plastic parts: verification of deformations, hole positions
  • Control of the metal structure of the seats
  • Assembly checks: docking with neighboring parts
  • Reverse engineering of old part without CAD

In the huge workshops of Geven, the assembly lines for aircraft seats bring together various parts from heterogeneous manufacturing techniques. Certain parameters must therefore be taken into account when choosing the 3D measuring device: reflective metal structures, large composite parts and soft parts such as foams and fabrics.

The Ace measuring arm answers all these measurement problems thanks to its Skyline Wide 3D scanner. In particular, it makes it possible to precisely inspect soft surfaces without contact and therefore without deformation. The assembled seat is checked quickly, thanks to the Skyline Wide’s 200 mm laser line, to ensure flawless operation and perceived quality.

The quality department quickly noticed the advantages of the Kreon solution in terms of its precision, speed, maneuverability and mobility. The Ace measuring arm having achieved its first objective by drastically reducing control time, it was gradually used for other applications: inspection of parts and tools and reverse engineering.

Supplied with the Kreon measuring arm, the Polyworks software is able to process and perform complex checks in a simple and intuitive way. Quality reports are produced there for an exhaustive follow-up of the analyzed parts.

One year after the acquisition of the Kreon measuring arm, we can say that we are satisfied with the system and the technical support in terms of availability, response time and competence.
Francesco Angelo Medagli, Quality Operations Manager
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About Geven:

Geven is an aircraft seats and interiors supplier based in Naples, Italy. Reliability, dedication and professionalism make Geven an undisputed and renowned player in the circle of great leaders in the aircraft seating and interiors manufacturing industry. By constantly innovating, and refining engineering acumen and industrial progress Geven continues to grow.