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Traction&Service acquires Kreon Ace measuring arm to meet the challenge of inspecting large parts in the railway sector

The company’s goal is to inspect the geometric stability of certain railway security features, such as the carriage or engine chassis and body.

The KREON ACE 7 axis 4.5m measuring arm with probe is suitable for the following applications, in conjunction with the Polyworks software:

  • Inspections using probes on bogies, casings, trolleys and components
  • Generating measurement and conformity reports
  • Inspection of existing control tools, such as jigs and gauges
  • Possibility to carry out measurement services off-site

Even a large-scale measuring arm delivers precision much greater than the tolerances to be inspected and provides highly reliable measurement accuracy.

A measuring arm is not normally the equipment of choice when it comes to inspecting railway bogies. Instead, traditional jigs and calibrated test benches are used. Unlike these custom-made benches, Ace measuring arm can be adapted to all types of trolley. A single measuring arm can therefore replace multiple traditional jigs and provides more reliability and higher measurement accuracy.

Traction&Services is now exploring the possibility of providing measurement services off-site, thanks to the Kreon measuring arm’s ease of use and mobility. With the heavy and bulky jigs used previously, this was not an option.

The flexibility of the Kreon Ace measuring arm also allows the company to diversify its portfolio of measurement services. Dimensional inspections on damaged carriages have been carried out by measuring the flatness, the alignment and the perpendicularity of different surfaces in order to evaluate any possible structural deformation. In addition, the company is planning on using the Ace measuring arm for internal applications, such as checking existing control instruments like jigs and gauges.

A feasibility study is undertaken prior to conducting any specific operations the measuring system has never been used for before, such as checking alignment and perpendicularity on damaged vehicles. Subsequently, a technical dossier is shared with the customer in order to prepare the appropriate measurement range in the PolyWorks program.

The company has found the PolyWorks software tool to be very effective, in particular with regard to its capability of guiding the operator and preventing errors. In addition, clear reports are easy to create and interpret, reducing the time required for control processes.

Traction&Service is very satisfied with the measurement equipment and the support it has received from Kreon. The availability and analytical capabilities of the Kreon experts have enabled the best possible customization of the product to suit the requirements.

The product proved to have great potential straight away. The tool’s versatility allows us to meet all our measurement and dimensional inspection requirements for casings, trolleys and components.
Dino Parelli, Rolling Stock and Maintenance Manager
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About Traction&Service

Traction& Service is a railway shunting company in siding and maintenance of railway vehicles.