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An unforgettable Christmas thanks to the expertise of Technautonome and Kreon products

The company Technautonome, led by Nicolas Sincovich, specializes in product design, has used its know-how to design an accessory for a well-known Italian scooter brand.

Why choose a Zephyr III 150mm scanner with Metrolog X4 software?

  • Flexibility to meet the varied demands of an engineering office
  • Ability to scan a multitude of parts with very different finishes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reliable results and interoperability with CAD software

    The company was contacted at the end of September by an individual, Mari-Olive Germain, an enthusiastic owner of a Piaggio scooter, who wanted to market a larger under-seat storage compartment than the original one. The goal was to easily accommodate two open-face helmets or a full-face helmet, the only modification being the replacement of the original compartment with the new one.

    Equipped with a Kreon Ace measuring arm and a Skyline Eyes 3D scanner, Technautonome was able to quickly respond to the request, starting by scanning the entire volume available once the existing under-seat compartment was removed. This digitization precisely captured the interface areas at the top, where the compartment is secured. The Kreon system was also effective in rapidly scanning the current compartment and the two types of desired helmets to ensure they fit well in the new storage compartment.

    With all these 3D-scanned contextual elements, the CAD study of the part could begin. Just one month after the initial contact, the first BIGBOX compartment was 3D printed for a road test. These tests led to some adjustments in the CAD before the injection mold was produced two months later. The first production parts were delivered to the customer on December 24, 2022—a nice Christmas present that, this time, didn’t come down the chimney. The customer is now happy to distribute their expanded under-seat compartment on their website:

    I was impressed by the ease of use and the speed with which I could perform the 3D acquisitions of the parts with the Kreon 3D scanner, providing us with a decisive time savings in this study.
    Nicolas Sincovich, founder of Technautonome
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    About Technautonome

    Technautonome is a mechanical design and engineering company that supports both industrial clients and individuals throughout the life cycle of their products. The company offers traditional services such as 3D modeling, drafting, bill of materials, and geometric and dimensional controls, as well as innovative services like metrology-class 3D scanning and rapid prototyping processes such as additive manufacturing.