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Aeronautical R&D company Eurotech meets its need for high measurement accuracy with a Kreon measuring arm.

Research and development in the aviation industry requires absolute mastery of the manufacturing processes in order to achieve results consistent with the object of study. Eurotech’s wind tunnel testing of aerodynamics pertaining to new aircraft concepts, surfaces and assemblies have to be extremely rigorous. Only the highest levels of quality ensure the results of the wind tunnel tests are reliable.

Eurotech’s expertise is in manufacturing its prototypes by machining aluminium or machinable foam. The team chose the Ace measuring arm with a Zephyr II Blue scanner because of its high accuracy and ease of use for multiple applications:

  • Inspection of parts during machining to monitor deformations caused by the material destressing or by long and thin parts sagging
  • Inspection of the surfaces of finished parts
  • Inspection of assembled parts to verify alignment. This operation, which demands high precision, may also be conducted with the probing option

Mounted on a tripod, the Ace arm moves with ease around the assembly to be measured. All the parts, even the larger ones (up to 1.2 m), are scanned in one pass thanks to the arm’s large measuring volume (3 m), thereby avoiding the approximations that could be caused by displacement of the arm during repositioning. All the measurements, from both probing and scanning, are then processed in Polyworks.

Sometimes we use the Kreon measuring arm non-stop for a whole week. During these peak periods, we know we can count on its reliability.
Marco Magnifico, Aerospace Engineer
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About Eurotech:

Eurotech is an Italian consulting company specialized in the field of engineering and R&D activities providing technical assistance and general consultancy for aeronautics industry .It has a proven track record in the area of mechanical design, overall performance analysis and testing, with particular reference to the virtual prototyping (by advanced FEA/CAE tools) of multi-body mechanism, complex motion control systems and servo-actuated mechanisms for conventional and morphing architectures actuation. A highly qualified team of aerospace engineers is at the core of the Company, with relevant expertise in the fields of structural verification, acoustic and vibration, structural dynamics, systems’ control and experimental characterization of integrated technologies.