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Launching of Ace Skyline scanning arm

Skyline is the only scanner on the market to combine a wide laser line (up to 200 mm), a frequency of maximum 300 lines per second and a scanning speed of 600.000 points per second.

The mix of speed and wide laser line of the new 3D scanner Skyline enables to decrease the number of scan passes and to digitize any part in record time. Equipped with a high definition camera and a 2.000 points laser line, Skyline produces a high resolution point cloud and catches the smallest details. Scan processes are shorter and more efficient. Due to its 15 µm accuracy, Skyline 3D scanner deals with the most challenging requirements.

All Kreon 3D scanner maker experience is inside

The new 3D scanner Skyline benefits by Kreon 25 years know-how. First of all it is equipped with a blue laser scanner to digitize shiny or reflective parts and with an integrated probe for contact and non-contact measurements. Its ergonomics was as well particularly studied to offer the best comfort of work: compactness and lightness (weight under 400 g), LED indicator to visualize instantly and precisely the ideal scanning distance and the absence external controller. To optimize its ease of use and to accelerate the probe mounting, this integrated scanner is also tool-free removable.
At last and for the first time, integrated scanner means not only technical integration, but also design integration. Like all Kreon products, the new Skyline scanner reveals a careful and innovative aesthetics.

Ace Skyline, the new Kreon scanning arm

The new scanning arm Ace Skyline, with integrated 3D laser scanner Skyline, provides a large working volume (from 2 m and up to 4.5 m). Due to its integrated battery and temperature compensation, Ace Skyline is the perfect portable CMM to scan in metrological lab, workshop or outside as well. The Ace arm new version, whose ergonomics have been upgraded (new “push and pull” handle, and new transportation handle), also ensures ease of use and secure use.

Ace Skyline can be used for any application: 3D inspection, CAD comparison, reverse engineering or rapid prototyping. It is compatible with the major third party programs.

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