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Metal packaging manufacturer OCM opts for Kreon Ace measuring arm with Skyline Eyes scanner to tackle reverse engineering needs

Since its foundation in 1962, OCM has used and accumulated a lot of equipment, the technical plans of which no longer exist. The Kreon measuring arm with 3D scanner enables 3D acquisitions and the creation of CAD models of these.

The KREON ACE 7 axis 2m measuring arm with Skyline Eyes scanner is suitable for the following applications, in conjunction with the Polyworks software:

  • Reverse engineering of old equipment
  • Inspecting new equipment
Acquisitions are always carried out in the easy-to-use PolyWorks program. Any necessary inspections are also conducted within PolyWorks, from taking measurements up to generating inspection reports.

The parts to be drawn using CAD are small, which is why OCM chose the smallest Ace measuring arm, with a working range of 2 meters. This size of measuring arm is the most accurate, with a margin of error of 0.033mm within the working range. In addition, when using the arm with a probe, this level of precision meets the requirements set by the tolerances of the parts to be measured.

In order to meet the requirements for scanning parts containing fine details, such as engravings, grooves, threads or free forms, OCM has chosen the Skyline Eyes scanner, offering the highest level of accuracy and resolution of all the 3D scanners from the Skyline range.

Another application OCM is using the measuring arm for is inspecting the means of production. The arm can be used on new equipment, whether it was produced in-house or outsourced, but also on older equipment to verify compliance of tolerances, the quality of assembly and wear and tear of parts. To prevent inaccuracies caused by material swelling due to temperature variations, these procedures are always conducted in a metrology room.

Reverse engineering of parts generally starts with a full scan using a 3D scanner. The arm’s probe is deployed when certain geometries of the part require a more precise approach. The data generated in PolyWorks is then exported to the Solid Edge CAD software in STL format for the scanned data (mesh) and IGES (or STP) format for the probed geometries. Finally, the part is reconstructed in Solid Edge.

We chose Kreon for the quality of its products, the relevance of their analysis relating to our issues and the high level of technical support in terms of implementing the solution.
Ettore d’Agnolo, CEO
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About OCM

The experience accumulated over 45 years of constant activity has led OCM to accumulate an increasingly important presence on the market. Over the years, the company has undertaken the manufacture of metal packaging that ranges from the construction industry to the chemical and oil, food, automobile, and paint industries. The wide and tested range of packaging is made possible by an extremely versatile production that allows the creation of containers, ranging from 0.25 liters to 30 liters, of a standardized type or with special characteristics to meet specific needs.