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The right accessories for the right results

Kreon offers a wide range of accessories for adapting the configuration of the measuring arm to the part, the application and the working environment: specific probes, mounting bases, tripods, leapfrog kits.
Accessory cards - Probe
Accessory cards - Base
Accessory cards - Tripod
Lithium-ion battery
Accessory cards - Leapfrog


Probes allow high-precision measurements. They can be mounted directly on the arm or under the scanner. They comprise several customizable elements, such as the extension and the stylus, to adapt to different applications and perfectly meet the diversity of the parts.

Probe assembly
Ball Probes

These are the most commonly used probes. Each Kreon measuring arm (Ace, Onyx) is supplied with one 6 mm diameter ball probe as standard, but a wide range of probes are available, with ball diameters ranging from 1 to 8 mm. Balls with a large diameter are more suitable for rough surfaces, while the tiny balls are most often used for the inspection of small geometries (holes).

Conical probe
Tip Probes

The tip probe is used to measure very fine details (bumps, grooves). This probe ensures a direct measurement, without compensation for the diameter of the ball. This probe is to be used with care on polished surfaces that it could scratch. Also, the tip must be in perfect condition to guarantee measurement accuracy.

TP20 kinematic touch-trigger probe
Trigger Probes

The trigger probe is mainly used on three-dimensional measuring machines. Highly responsive, it automatically acquires points in contact with the surface, which makes it possible to measure parts sensitive to deformation.

Crancked probe
Angled Probes

The angled probe is used in difficult to access and measure areas. It makes it possible to probe in good conditions (with a probe normal to the surface) areas that would be impossible to measure with a straight probe.

Probe extensions

The extensions increase the size of the probe, making it possible to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible (cavities, deep drill holes, etc.).

Mounting bases

Mounting bases act as interfaces between the measuring arm and its support. Several types are available to hold the arm on all types of supports, provided they have a rigid structure and a flat mounting surface.

Magnetic base with Brunson attachment to fix measuring arms
Magnetic base

The magnetic base makes it possible to quickly fix the measuring arm onto an iron support. Generating a force of 25000 newtons, it ensures that the arm is solidly fixed to its support. It is equipped with a Brunson interface for immediate connection with the arm (Ace, Onyx).

Vacuum base to fix measuring arms
Vacuum base

The vacuum base is used on a smooth support. It creates an air vacuum which keeps it firmly anchored to the support through a suction cup effect. It is equipped with a Brunson interface for immediate connection with the arm (Ace, Onyx).

Base plate  to fix Ace measuring arm
Ace base plate

This base is fixed mechanically to a plate. It takes longer to install than magnetic and vacuum bases, and is not suitable if the arm has to be moved frequently, or the support often changed. It is equipped with a Brunson interface for immediate connection with the arm (Ace, Onyx).

Tripods and other supports

Tripods are essential devices for making the measuring arm a true portable CMM. Often fitted with wheels, they enable the arm to be easily moved around, wherever it is needed. Which tripod to choose depends on several criteria, including how often the arm will be moved, the size and weight, the stability required, the size of the arm, etc.

Lightweight Aluminium tripod
Lightweight “Aluminium” tripod

Affordable, the lightweight “Aluminium” tripod is widely used in both its versions: with and without wheels. They are very easy to move and set-up, but are not suitable for arms longer than 3m working volume.

Lightweight Graphite tripod
Lightweight “Graphite” tripod

More stable than the lightweight “Aluminium” tripod because it is heavier, the lightweight “Graphite” is also easy to move. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for arms longer than 3.5 m working volume.

Height adjustable heavy tripod
Fixed-height heavy tripods

Heavy tripods are very stable and can support all sizes of arms. Equipped with wheels, but not as easy to move as the lightweight tripods, they can withstand the toughest industrial environments.
Available in 61 cm and 79 cm heights.

Fixed-height heavy tripods
Height-adjustable heavy tripods

The adjustable heavy tripods offer all the advantages of the fixed heavy tripod, and their height is adjustable so the arm can be placed in the ideal position in relation to the part to be measured.
Available in three versions: 76 / 114 cm, 96 / 152 cm, and 114 / 190 cm.

Heavy-duty rolling granite cart
Heavy duty rolling granite cart

The rolling cart allow both the arm and part to be placed on the same support. They are easy to move around the workshop to get as close as possible to the application.
Available in two versions (plate sizes): 60 x 91 cm and 71 x 122 cm.

Portable computer supports
Portable computer supports

The portable computer supports are intended for use with the tripods.They are available in two versions, to support a weight of 5 kg or 10kg.


Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery

The battery for the Ace and Onyx measuring arms offers an excellent battery life for measurement operations. Having two means one can be recharged while the other is being used in the arm.

Battery charger
Battery charger

This charger is intended for recharging the batteries for the Ace and Onyx arms.

Leapfrog kits

The leapfrog technique is used to move the arm a little at a time in order to measure large parts whose dimensions exceed the range of the measuring arm. To move from one measuring position to another, the operator just has to measure three references common to both positions.

Leapfrog sphere kit
Leapfrog sphere kit
Leapfrog cone kit
Leapfrog cone kit
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